Fairtrade Fortnight 26th February - 11th March

Get closer together through Fairtrade

We’ve been proud champions of Fairtrade for 20 years. Over the years, your support has helped us to provide better prices, working conditions and terms of trade to suppliers in developing countries. And with International Women’s Day on the 8th March, we’re highlighting how Fairtrade is benefitting the women within these communities too.

Join us in celebrating two decades of ethical trading with Fairtrade Fortnight. You can enjoy products, recipes, and the chance to get involved with your very own Fairtrade coffee morning. Start now by downloading our Fairtrade toolkit.

Together we can make a world of difference

Download the Fairtrade toolkit

We couldn’t do Fairtrade without your support. Get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight by downloading our toolkit packed with information, quizzes, decorations and everything you need to promote your very own Fairtrade coffee morning.

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Make your morning Fairtrade

Now you’ve downloaded your toolkit, it’s time to start planning your Fairtrade coffee morning. Why not get your bake on and make something that’s both sweet and Fairtrade to go with your brews? Here are some simple but delicious recipes to get you started.

Flowers that empower

Co-op is the first retailer to use 100% Fairtrade roses when sourced from Africa. Over 35 million will be sourced from Africa every year and, as well as helping growers, we are donating £30k to help fund a Graduate Nursing Programme in a community hospital in Kenya.

The cash will help struggling graduate nurses to find employment and deliver a much needed improvement in the maternity service currently available to the flower growing communities.

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Closer to healthcare

Meet Lucy Karanja, a nurse at the Naivasha Hospital in Kenya. She and her colleagues have started a career after taking part in graduate nurse programme Co-op funded.

Products that make a difference

We’ve led the way in bringing Fairtrade to the UK. Here’s just a few of our most popular products and an example of how they’ve made a difference.

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Discover more about our approach to Fairtrade, the products we sell and who we help by clicking below.

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